Gunnison Soft Shell Jacket - SIXSITE


This initial piece of the SIXSITE line is built to handle a variety of conditions and could easily become your foundation for every hunt. Lightweight, durable and comfortable, the Gunnison is intuitively designed with features intended to aid in efficiency, range of motion and versatility in the field.

My goal is to build tactical features into the gear and make it extremely versatile. This helps minimize movement, and by putting pockets and other elements where you need them, it helps you be a more effective hunter.

Stephen Holley, Founder of SIXSITE

Gunnison Soft Shell Jacket

The Gunnison was designed for fluid mobility of arms and torso without the baggage of loose, unnecessary fabric. It allows comfortable extension for bow hunting as well as rifle. With intuitive add-ons and pocket placement, this jacket will prove to be a worthwhile companion for any high performance outdoor activity.

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