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Available for Pre Order Now.  Product will ship August 2017


The SIXSITE Pack is an extremely versatile backpack designed to fill a void in the market. It serves multiple applications to make it the ideal fit for any use from hauling meat to being your go-to weekend pack.



  • 8 lbs with all items included
  • Load bearing adjustment straps for each shoulder
  • 3-day bag, backcountry bag, and meat hauler in one.
  • 600D Cordura Fabric
  • 2200 cubic inches of space
  • 4 pockets (6 including the Beavertail)
  • Integrated Hydration Sleeve with Hose Routing for a Hydration Bladder
  • Mesh Pocket for Storage
  • Beavertail affixed with buckles and 1" webbing 
  • Custom hip belt to fit each individual

Details Behind the Backpack:
This bag is extremely versatile and is designed to fill a void in the market. The SIXSITE pack serves multiple applications such as a 3-day bag (Weekend Pack, Tree Stand Pack, etc.), a Backcountry bag (ability to carry a 7-day backcountry load out), and a Meat hauler.

The Primary pocket has an integrated hydration sleeve with hose routing for a hydration bladder which is secured by a nylon horizontal strap with a buckle and the Velcro tape at the top of the pocket.

The Secondary pocket has an internal mesh pocket for wallet, keys, cellphone, etc. Two external side pockets are designed to fit a Nalgene bottle or a Jet Boil type stove with accessibility from the top or bottom.

The beavertail is affixed to the pack with buckles and 1’ webbing and can be used to carry equipment and haul meat.

The frame is a Pack Rabbit design of injection molded nylon with an integrated seat which when used offers the ability to get your butt off of rock or wet ground when glassing. The width of the frame / foam cushion also creates a gap between your back and the bag and provides great ventilation. You’ll notice that the frame will also “give / twist” with heavy torque applied one way or another on the frame. Finally, there are lots of integrated points of connection for the bag, beavertail, straps, shoulder straps etc. There are several ways that someone can “customize / personalize” the system exactly how they like / need.

You’ll notice that the hip belt isn’t attached like most packs. The reasoning there is that guys with vastly different waist sizes need the padding / support in different areas. This allows the user to tailor the circumference needed to get adequate hip pointer coverage with the waist band.

The shoulder straps also have a “load bearing adjustment” strap on each shoulder. This gives the user the ability to tailor the height of the load on their back.
With the frame, bag and beavertail, the pack weighs approximately 8 pounds and all pockets have grommets at the bottom to drain water if needed.


Available for Pre Order Now. Product will ship August 2017
From hunting, hauling and everything in between, the SIXSITE Backpack is extremely versatile to meet whichever needs to have all in one pack. The features of this product include:

  • American Flag Patch for all pre-ordered packs!
  • 3-day bag, backcountry bag, and meat hauler in one.
  • 2200 cubic inches of space
  • Beavertail to carry equipment and meat
  • Multiple ways to customize to fit each person and their needs

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